My name is Ryan Arneson. I grew up in Southwest Wisconsin where I also developed my passion for the outdoors. After I got my first opportunity to bow hunt whitetails, hunting became an obsession. Experiencing the woods come alive and having up close encounters with whitetails is indescribable. Every property is an exciting challenge; it forces you to adapt and overcome what Mother Nature brings your way. It's not just the hunt I love; it's the hard work that is put in to managing and scouting that makes the hunt more successful. I wanted to make hunting a bigger part of my life. In order to make that happen, I decided to give up my bow for a video camera and a new career path in Outdoor Videography and Editing. I graduated from Madison Media Institute in the Video and Motion Graphics program in 2011. Since then, a few friends and I have teamed up to film our hunts, which include moose, whitetails, coyotes, and eventually more big and small game. I edit using Final Cut Pro. I have also been a Grip and Production Assistant around the Madison Area. If you would like to have your hunt filmed or have previous footage made into a story, please contact me from the Contact Page or directly at